FREE Windows Utilities for Sniffing

WinDump WinDump is an exceptionally powerful command-line packet sniffer. Ported over from the source of the Tcpdump utility available for UNIX, WinDump carries over the same power and flexibility to the Windows world, all in a lightweight executable. WinDump is a helpful utility when you need to do some quick and easy packet capturing to […]

Cisco ASA or PIX Packet Capture for Wireshark with PCAP

The administrator needs to create an access-list that defines what traffic the ASA needs to capture. After the access-list is defined, the capture command incorporates the access-list and applies it to an interface. ciscoasa(config)#access-list inside_test permit icmp any host inside_test permit icmp host anyciscoasa(config)#capture inside_interface access-list inside_test interface inside The user pings the […]