How To Install Backtrack4 Using Grub On Ubuntu

Backtrack is an operating system that is specially designed for networking security. Bactrack OS is based on Linux. As of this writing the latest version of Bactrack is Backtrack4 with many, many useful applications. Before installing BT4, make sure you have installed Ubuntu on your computer so we can use Ubuntu’s Grub for booting. Follow these steps to install and configure dual booting Ubuntu […]

Linux / UNIX Software that make retrieving the data more difficult with Department of Defense ( DoD 5520.22-M ) compliant disk / file wiping

Many programs exists for doing Department of Defense (DoD) compliant disk wipe program to remove files / disk securely. One of my favorite program is scrub, which writes patterns on special files (i.e. raw disk devices) or regular files to make retrieving the data more difficult. Scrub implements user-selectable pattern algorithms that are compliant with DoD […]

Command to Find Current Ubuntu Version

Run this command to find the installed version of Ubuntu. cat /etc/lsb-release You will get the following info. DISTRIB_ID=UbuntuDISTRIB_RELEASE=8.04DISTRIB_CODENAME=hardyDISTRIB_DESCRIPTION=”Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS” You could also use cat /etc/issue Which will display the version only: Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS n l

Linux Password Cracking: Explain unshadow and john commands ( john the ripper tool )

Can you tell me more about unshadow and john command line tools? How does it protect my server from crackers? Both unshadow and john distributed with – John the Ripper security software or fast password cracker software. It is free and Open Source software. It runs on Windows, UNIX and Linux operating system. Use this […]

How to install BT4 dualboot xp on your HDD without vmware or dvd disks

This tutorial is about 1 SATA drive with 2 partitions, the first one has Windows XP Download BT4 ISO Download UNetbootin Launch UNetbootin and choose the ISO path and pick your XP hdd C: It wont delete your files , it will just add a few BT4 installation files, basically it makes it possible to […]

Backtrack 4 – USB/Nessus Boot with Persistent Changes

This how-to will show you a method for building a USB thumb drive with the following features: Persistent Changes – Files saved and changes made will be kept across reboots. Nessus and NessusClient installed – Everybody needs Nessus Encryption configured (Note: This is not whole drive encryption) Tools and Supplies A USB thumbdrive – minimum […]

How to make Backtrack 4 boot from USB

In this article we will describe how we can make a USB Bootable drive for Backtrack 4 Linux distribution. The new release is based on Debian/Ubuntu and not on Slackware as it was used to be in earlier versions (Backtrack 3 and below). In this article the UNetbootin Windows version tool has been used to […]

How to install Cacti on Debian or Ubuntu

Cacti is a web based PHP/MySql graphing solution using the RRDtool engine. Classically, it can graph network bandwidthes with SNMP. But in fact, a lot of different graphs can be done with snmp, shell or perl scripts. Cacti’s strength lies in the fact that it can be installed and used incredibly easily. You don’t need […]