Upload Photos to Twitter via Flickr Email

How do you share photographs with friends on Twitter?You probably upload them to an online photo sharing site (like Flickr or Picasa Web Gallery) first and then copy-paste the web address of the uploaded image into your Twitter client. Or you prefer to use Twitter specific services like Twitpic that automatically send a “tweet” on […]

Send Notes to your Evernote Notebook from Twitter

You can now take notes in Evernote directly from Twitter. Here’s how you set up the link.First follow @myen on Twitter and this bot will send you a link in a direct message. Click that link to associate your Evernote account with your Twitter username. To capture a new note into Evernote, simply send a […]

The Most Popular Twitter Acronyms

Twitter, on account of the 140 character limit, encourages extensive use of shorthand typing. Most of these acronyms might be familiar to regular Internet users but some are very specific to Twitter. Here is a list of top Twitter acronyms that we know so far.RT = Retweet.PRT = Partial Retweet / Please Retweet.OH = Overheard.DM […]

Most Useful Twitter Services That Can Help Your Business Grow

The concept of Twitter may seem weird at first but there’s lot of value in connecting with people though Twitter. Businesses now use the Twitter ecosystem to pre-announce new products, get feedback, share upcoming deals or for tracking buzz around their products and services. For instance, the Dell Outlet uses Twitter to announce deals and […]

Twitter Guide: How To Do Interesting Things With Twitter

Twitter Guide: Learn some interesting tips and tricks for Twitter. Q: I am a blogger and want to cross-post articles from my blog into Twitter?A: Go to FeedBlitz, type the address of the feed in the Subscribe box and choose Twitter from the subscription options. The other option is Twitter Feed but that requires you […]

How to Remote Control your Windows PC with Email, SMS or Even Twitter

It’s a long weekend and you’re happy because you’ll get to spend the next three days with your family. You left the office in an excited mood but as the cab was approaching home, you suddenly realized that you forgot to shut down the Office PC. Oops! It’s a sinking feeling because there’re so many […]