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Robocopy Examples

Examples of Microsoft’s Robocopy (robocopy.exe) syntax. Robocopy Example 1: Copy files from one computer to another, skipping files already in the destination. robocopy \Computer1reports \Computer2backup *.doc /S Robocopy Example 2: List files over 32 MBytes in size. robocopy C:xyz /MAX:33554432 /L Robocopy Example 3: Move files over 14 days old (note the MOVE option will fail if any files are […]

Robocopy Syntax, Command Line Switches and RoboCopy Examples

RoboCopy (Robust File Copy) is a command-line file copying tool in Windows 7, and Windows Vista. Although RoboCopy has been available for free with the Windows Resource Kit, it has never been an official feature of the operating system until Windows Vista. Unlike other built-in file copying commands such as Copy and XCopy, RoboCopy is designed for reliable copy or mirroring of […]