How to recover missing, lost, or deleted files from Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008 and Windows 7 as well as Apple Macs

Before reviewing the below recommendations and suggestions, verify that the files have actually been deleted; in some cases the files may have simply been moved. You can search the hard disk drive for the files you believe to be missing by running find or search on the computer. Recover file from backupIf the file has […]

MySQL Crib Sheet Cheat Sheet

To login (from unix shell) use -h only if needed.[mysql dir]/bin/mysql -h hostname -u root -p Create a database on the sql server.create database [databasename]; List all databases on the sql databases; Switch to a database.use [db name]; To see all the tables in the tables; To see database’s field formats.describe [table name]; […]

Linux Command: iwconfig

NAME iwconfig – configure a wireless network interface SYNOPSIS iwconfig [interface]iwconfig interface [essid X] [nwid N] [mode M] [freq F][channel C][sens S ][ap A ][nick NN ][rate R] [rts RT] [frag FT] [txpower T][enc E] [key K] [power P] [retry R][commit]iwconfig –helpiwconfig –version DESCRIPTION Iwconfig is similar to ifconfig(8), but is dedicated to the wireless […]

Creating Client SSL VPN on Cisco ASAs

Introduction This document how to allow remote access VPN connections to the ASA from the Cisco AnyConnect 2.0 client.PrerequisitesRequirements Ensure that you meet these requirements before you attempt this configuration: * Basic ASA configuration that runs software version 8.0* ASDM 6.0(2) Components Used The information in this document is based on these software and hardware […]

MySQL Backup Shell Script

***TO CREATE BACKUP SCRIPT ON LOCAL SERVERmkdir /root/binvi /root/bin/ (then copy script into this file)change parameters in script to match databasechmod 755 /root/bin/ ***TO VERIFY SCRIPT WORKS1. run this command/root/bin/mysqlbak.sh2. when script is done, check subdirs of /var/backup/db/daily for tarred & gzipped backups ***TO SCHEDULE THIS TO RUN DAILY, CREATE SYMBOLIC LINKln -s /root/bin/ /etc/cron.daily/ […]

Password recovery procedure Cisco catalyst fixed configuration layer 2 and 3 switches

IntroductionThis document describes the password recovery procedure for the Cisco Catalyst Layer 2 fixed configuration switches 2900XL/3500XL, 2940, 2950/2955, 2960, and 2970 Series, as well as the Cisco Catalyst Layer 3 fixed configuration switches 3550, 3560, and 3750 Series. Before You BeginConventionsFor more information on document conventions, see the Cisco Technical Tips Conventions. PrerequisitesThere are […]

Removing IT Policy From Blackberry, AKA Unblocking Blackberry

Unlocking the BlackberryFirst of all, this is not a guide on how to remove carrier information from a Blackberry. If you’re unable to use a different SIM card than the one that was originally supplied with your device, look elsewhere. However if, like many others you have a Blackberry that is locked by a BES, […]

Linux User & Group Management Add Delete Change

useradd – Adding a new userOptions: * -d home directory* -s starting program (shell)* -p password* -g (primary group assigned to the users)* -G (Other groups the user belongs to)* -m (Create the user’s home directory Example: To add a new user with * a primary group of users* a second group mgmt* starting shell […]