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BackTrack 3 Final Tools

Information Gathering0trace 0.01 – tool enables the user to perform hop enumeration (“traceroute”) within an established TCP connection, such as a HTTP or SMTP session. This is opposed to sending stray packets, as traceroute-type tools usually do. The important benefit of using an established connection and matching TCP packets to send a TTL-based probe is that such traffic […]

Network Sniffers for Linux

Linux network sniffers Ethereal: A Network Protocol Analyzer  Experts in the networking community to add enhancements. It runs on all popular computing platforms, including Unix, Linux, and Windows. TCPdump  Great tool, for capturing packets with Linux computers, working as sniffers. sniffdet – Remote Sniffer Detector for Linux  Sniffdet implements various tests for the detection of machines running in promiscuous mode or with a […]

Ctl+ Key Combinations

Alt+Ctrl+C – Copyright symbol Alt+Ctrl+Period – An ellipsis Alt+Ctrl+R – Registered trademark symbol Alt+Ctrl+T – Trademark symbol Ctrl+B – Bold text Ctrl+E – Centers a paragraph Ctrl+Enter – Inserts a page break Ctrl+F – Opens the Find menu Ctrl+H – Opens the Replace menu Ctrl+I – Italics text Ctrl+N – Creates a new document Ctrl+P – Prints a document Ctrl+Shift+F – Changes the font Ctrl+Shift+P – Changes the font size Ctrl+U – Underline text Ctrl+W – Closes a document Ctrl+Y – Redo the last action

Amazon “EC2” Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (also known as “EC2”) allows users to rent computers on which to run their own computer applications. EC2 allows scalable deployment of applications by providing a web service through which a user can boot an Amazon Machine Image to create a virtual machine instance containing any software desired. A user can create, launch, and […]

Recovery Console Commands

A number of commands are available within Recovery Console, some of them exclusive to the tool. Here is a complete list of Recovery Console commands: Attrib – The attrib command is used to change the attributes of a single file or a directory. Batch – The batch command can be used to run a series of other Recovery […]


Internet links may create legal liability. Despite the Internet’s initial “free linking” ethos, links can be unlawful when they are designed to confuse viewers, to evade court orders or clear statutory prohibition, or to promote illegal conduct by others. But most linking is lawful, even where the linked site claims the right to authorize and control links. Linking […]