Configuring FTP in Isolation Mode in IIS 6

IIS FTP isolation mode enables you to have a separate directory per FTP user. For example if you had a dozen different users that all need access to your FTP server but you did not want them to see any directories but their own you could setup Isolation Mode. Isolation Mode supports users either on […]

tcping for Linux

tcping does a TCP connect to the given ip/port combination. The user can specify a timeout in seconds. This is useful in shell scripts running in firewalled environments. Often SYNs are just being dropped by firewalls, thus connection establishment will be retried several times (for minutes) until a TCP timeout is reached. With tcping it […]

Multi-CPU Utilization Graphing in Cacti

The past couple days I’ve been installing and configuring a new version of Cacti (0.8.7c) from a CactiEZ v0.6 installation. I’ve been using Cacti for years now and love what it does, however I’ve found that tweaking it is sometimes problematic.  Since I may go several months or a year or more between tweaking my install […]

Upgrade Cacti on CactiEZ Installation

After installing CactiEZ v0.6 (as a VM on Windows 2008 Hyper-V) which includes Cacti 0.8.7c I wanted to upgrade to the latest version of Cacti (0.8.7e as of this post). However I was not able to locate any good directions. Jimmy Conner who put together CactiEZ said to follow the directions for upgrading Cacti in the […]

Install CactiEZ on Windows 2008 Hyper-V

CactiEZ (Cacti Made Easy) is a self installing Linux Distribution based off CentOS that sets up and configures a customized Cacti install. Everything is designed to be completely automated and working directly out of the box. This compact distro is loaded with extra features such as Syslog and Netflow data collection, Weathermaps, Reports, Auto Discovery, […]

Recover Root Password In Ubuntu – HowTo

You can recover/reset/change your root password on Ubuntu if you have physical access to the machine following these simple steps. Reboot Ubuntu. At the GRUB menu press ‘e’ (with quotes), which will let you edit GRUB. Edit the line with your boot command. Add this command to the very end of the line with the […]

Change Ubuntu IP Address from DHCP to Static or Vice Versa – HowTo

The default network setting in Ubuntu (or Debian) is to use DHCP.  Often, however, it is desirable to use a static IP address and settings.  To change your network configuration from DHCP to static follow these steps. Open a terminal session and enter: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces Two network interfaces should be listed, lo and eth0: […]

Windows 7 Mortgage Calculator

In Windows 7 Microsoft has added new capabilities:  Mortgage Calculator, Fuel economy and Vehicle lease.  To access these features open the Windows calculator then click View, Worksheets, then click the worksheet for the calculation you want. Under Select the value you want to calculate, click the variable that you want to calculate, then enter the known […]

Unit Conversion with the Windows 7 Calculator

Besides adding a mortgage calculator, Microsoft has added a number of conversion functions to the new and improved calculator in Windows 7.  You can easily perform conversions between units of power, time, volume, and mass.  Start by opening the Windows 7 Calculator – Start / All Programs / Accessories / Calculator. Within Calculator select View, […]