ISO Recorder – burn / record ISO’s in Windows

ISO Recorder is a tool (power toy) for Windows XP, 2003 and now Windows Vista, that allows (depending on the Windows version) to burn CD and DVD images (DVD support is only available on Windows Vista), copy disks, make images of the existing data CDs and DVDs and create ISO images from a content of […]

Mount an ISO image in Windows 7 or Vista (also works on 2003 and 2008)

The freeware utility from Microsoft to mount ISO Images in XP and 2003 doesn’t work in Windows 7 or Vista. Thankfully there’s another FREE utility that does, Virtual Clone Drive. With it you can mount .ISO, .CCD, .DVD, .IMG, .UDF and .BIN files. FYI as of the latest version, it should work on Windows 7 or Vista […]

HowTo: Backtrack 4 (Beta) Hard Drive Installation

UPDATE: See BackTrack 4 Pre-Release Hard Disk Install for updated instructions for the newer BackTrack 4 Beta. Backtrack 4 does not contain an installer, so we wrote this step by step guide based on muts cookbook on how to install Backtrack 4 on our hard disk drive. Step 1 – Creating the partitionsFirst we will need […]