Use Google Docs as a Batch PDF Converter

If you have multiple Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets and PowerPoint Presentations that you would like to convert into PDF at once without investing in commercial software like Adobe Acrobat, try Google Docs. While it has always been possible to convert Office documents into PDF using Google Docs, the new export feature makes it even easier […]

List of Internet Acronyms & Text Message Jargon

With millions of people texting regularly, it’s no wonder you’ve seen this cryptic looking code! Commonly used wherever people get online — whether by text message, IM, SMS, email, cell phone, iPhone, Blackberry, PDA, etc. — and as seen on blogs, chat rooms, Web sites, games, and newsgroup postings — these abbreviations are used by […]

CCleaner is a freeware PC optimization tool.

CCleaner combines a system cleaner that removes unused and temporary files from your system and also a fully featured registry cleaner! CCleaner allows Windows to run faster, more efficiently and gives you more hard disk space. The best part is that it’s Small, Fast and Free! CCleaner cleans the following Windows components: Internet Explorer Temporary […]

How to Insert an Image Inline in Gmail

To add an inline image to an email you are composing in Gmail: Make sure rich text editing is turned on in the Gmail message you are composing and Insert images is enabled. If you see a Rich formatting » link above your message’s text editor, click it. See below for turning on image insertion. […]

Submit Your Blog to Google, Yahoo and Other Search Engines

Submit your blog url to Google at: Add your URL to Google. A better idea is to add a Google sitemap to your blog. Go to Adding Google sitemap to your blog to learn how. You may also submit your blog to Google Base and include a link back to your blog. You may also […]

Send SMS Text Messages from your GMail Account

You can now send SMS text messages to anyone in your Gmail address book right from the Gmail website. Go to your Gmail Labs settings and enable the “Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat” feature. The facility is currently available only for US phone numbers. You can send (and receive) text messages via the embedded chat […]

Google SMS Channels: Send SMS Text Messages to your Group for Free

Google India has just introduced a free SMS service called Google SMS Channels that lets you subscribe to news alerts, blog updates and other kinds of information like horoscopes, jokes, stocks or even cricket scores via SMS text messages. If you are based in India and like to subscribe to this site on your mobile […]

Most Useful Twitter Services That Can Help Your Business Grow

The concept of Twitter may seem weird at first but there’s lot of value in connecting with people though Twitter. Businesses now use the Twitter ecosystem to pre-announce new products, get feedback, share upcoming deals or for tracking buzz around their products and services. For instance, the Dell Outlet uses Twitter to announce deals and […]

Twitter Guide: How To Do Interesting Things With Twitter

Twitter Guide: Learn some interesting tips and tricks for Twitter. Q: I am a blogger and want to cross-post articles from my blog into Twitter?A: Go to FeedBlitz, type the address of the feed in the Subscribe box and choose Twitter from the subscription options. The other option is Twitter Feed but that requires you […]