Use Google to find FREE music on the web

Use Google operators to find unprotected directories of audio files or files of type .mp3. -inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +(wma|mp3) “Nickelback” This will turn up several directory listings of Nickelback MP3’s. Replace “Nickelback” with the artist, genre or keyword of your liking. Note: this is not intended to be used […]

Download mp3 (music) files with wget

wget -nd -r –no-parent -A.mp3 -A.wma Brief explanation of wget options:-nd – don’t create directories-r – recursively download–no-parent – don’t ascend to the parent directory-A – allows you to specify which types of accepted files should be downloaded. In this case, all files with the .wma and .mp3 file extension will be downloaded. More: Use Google […]

Converting Audio Files and Videos Using FFMPEG

ffmpeg can be used to easily convert audio or video files on any OS – Windows, Linux, or Mac. Common ffmpeg Parameters -i <filename> – PathFilename of source file -y – Overwrite the existing output file without prompting -an – Disable audio Video Related ffmpeg Parameters -aspect <aspect ratio> – Set Aspect Ratio for the […]

How to Convert a Flash Video File (.flv) to MP4 with FFMpeg

Download Flash Video using something like Video DownloadHelper (plugin for FireFox) or KeepVid. Now you have the file you want; it’s time to convert the .flv file to something a little easier to work with.  FFMpeg is very easy to use and can be downloaded here. Open a command prompt. Note: It may be easiest […]