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View EC2 Instances via Command Line Using ec2-describe-instances

Running ec2-describe-instances from the command line where you have AWS developer tools installed will display information about running instances. Example:To view instances simply run ec2-describe-instances To view detailed help information run ec2-describe-instances –help  SYNOPSIS     ec2din (ec2-describe-instances)     ec2din [GENERAL OPTIONS] [INSTANCE [INSTANCE […]]]  GENERAL NOTES     Any command option/parameter may be passed a value of ‘-‘ to indicate     that values […]

AWS Elastic Load Balancing

Elastic Load Balancing provides round robin web call distribution across a set of identical web instances. In addition to ease of administration it keeps an eye on the health of instances in the pool and auto routes traffic around any problem instances that show up. Here is the summary from Amazon. Elastic Load Balancing – Elastic Load Balancing […]

AWS EC2 Windows Passwords, Users, and Authentication

The default password on the Windows Administrator account is set automatically on all instances to a random value by the ec2Config service. You can retrieve the password originally set by using the ec2-get-password command, as shown here: C:>ec2-get-password i- -k gsg-keypair.txt Alternatively, you may use the “Get Administrator Password” command in ElasticFox by right-clicking on the instance. The […]