SQL: How to extract Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute and Seconds from a DateTime

The DATEPART function accepts two parameters : DATEPART ( datepart , date ) wheredatepart – specifies the part of the date to return. For eg: year, month and so ondate – is the datetime or smalldatetime value QUERY SELECTDATEPART(year, GETDATE()) as ‘Year’,DATEPART(month,GETDATE()) as ‘Month’,DATEPART(day,GETDATE()) as ‘Day’,DATEPART(week,GETDATE()) as ‘Week’,DATEPART(hour,GETDATE()) as ‘Hour’,DATEPART(minute,GETDATE()) as ‘Minute’,DATEPART(second,GETDATE()) as ‘Seconds’,DATEPART(millisecond,GETDATE()) as […]