Open a Command Prompt as Administrator in Windows 7, Vista and Windows 2008

Often, even if you are logged on as a user which belongs to the local Administrators group, you may have to open a command prompt (or other program) as “administrator.”  Simply right-click the shortcut (Start, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt) and select Run As Administrator. Applies to: Windows 7 Windows 2008 Windows Vista

Find Last Reboot Time in Windows 7, Vista and Windows 2008

Have you ever wanted a quick and easy way to know how long your Windows 7 (or Vista or Windows 2008 server) system has been running?  When it was last restarted or rebooted?  There are a few easy ways this can be done, most from the Windows command line.  So open a Windows command prompt […]

Getting the Most out of Windows Command Prompt

If you are like me you use the command prompt a lot.  It seems each time I logon to a new system I have to setup the command prompt just the way I want.  The first thing I do is create a shortcut in the Quick Launch toolbar.  Next I modify that shortcut so it […]

Windows Command Prompt: Auto-Complete Paths and Filenames

SUMMARY: Let Windows automatically complete your keyed-in paths and filenames. If you regularly use the Windows Command (or DOS) Prompt (CMD.EXE), you may find it cumbersome to type in long directories or filenames. With this trick, you can use the TAB key to have Windows automatically complete your path or filename. For example, if you […]