BackTrack 4 PreRelease Hard Disk Install

Since BackTrack 4 Pre-Release does not contain an installer you can follow these steps to install BT4 quickly and easily. The assumption is that you are installing BT4 on an empty disk (/dev/sda in this tutorial). Boot to BT4 DVD (download BackTrack 4 ISO – make sure to get the BT 4 Beta and not the BT4 Pre […]

How to make Backtrack 4 boot from USB

In this article we will describe how we can make a USB Bootable drive for Backtrack 4 Linux distribution. The new release is based on Debian/Ubuntu and not on Slackware as it was used to be in earlier versions (Backtrack 3 and below). In this article the UNetbootin Windows version tool has been used to […]

HowTo: Backtrack 4 (Beta) Hard Drive Installation

UPDATE: See BackTrack 4 Pre-Release Hard Disk Install for updated instructions for the newer BackTrack 4 Beta. Backtrack 4 does not contain an installer, so we wrote this step by step guide based on muts cookbook on how to install Backtrack 4 on our hard disk drive. Step 1 – Creating the partitionsFirst we will need […]