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Capture Screenshot Image on iPhone (3G) and iPod Touch 2.0 Without Screen Shot Utility – HowTo

To  take a screenshot or capture the screen image in iPhone 2.0, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch (2.0 and later), just press the Home button and Sleep/Wake button (On/Off button at the top of the mobile device) simultaneously. The Apple device screen will flash and an image will be automatically saved and stored in the iPhone or iPod Touch Camera Roll or photo […]

Disable Unnecessary Services on Mac OS X

How to disable unnecessary services on Mac OS X based desktop / server / laptop. Mac OS X uses the following directories to start various services: /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ – System-wide daemons provided by Mac OS X /System/Library/LaunchAgents/ – Per-user agents provided by Mac OS X ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ – Per-user agents provided by the user /Library/LaunchAgents/ – Per-user agents provided by […]

List of Internet Acronyms & Text Message Jargon

With millions of people texting regularly, it’s no wonder you’ve seen this cryptic looking code! Commonly used wherever people get online — whether by text message, IM, SMS, email, cell phone, iPhone, Blackberry, PDA, etc. — and as seen on blogs, chat rooms, Web sites, games, and newsgroup postings — these abbreviations are used by people to correspond […]

Installing NCFTP Client on Linux

NcFTP offers many ease-of-use and performance enhancements over the stock ftp client, and runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms as well as operating systems such Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. How To Install wget tar -zxvf ncftp-3.2.2-src.tar.gz cd ncftp-3.2.2 ./configure make make install make clean

How to recover missing, lost, or deleted files from Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008 and Windows 7 as well as Apple Macs

Before reviewing the below recommendations and suggestions, verify that the files have actually been deleted; in some cases the files may have simply been moved. You can search the hard disk drive for the files you believe to be missing by running find or search on the computer. Recover file from backupIf the file has been backed up […]

Mac Black Grey Blue Screen Crash troubleshooting

Collection Procedure (kernel panic) for panic.log/Library/Logs Kernel Panic FAQ CrashLogger (application failure)’s home directory~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/.crash.log)/var/log/system.log Hardware Test (PowerPC) Hardware Test (Intel) Example to identify kernel panic: