Resizing the Root Disk on an AWS EC2 EBS-backed Instance

Have you ever wanted to have a larger root EBS volume on an EC2 Ubuntu instance?  With these steps it’s easily accomplished with minimal down time.  (Some of these steps were gleaned from this post at I’m setting up a new “base” image for some servers I’m starting in Amazon’s us-west-1 region.  I started […]

HP Procurve Switches: Setting Time Using SNTP

I recently picked up a couple ProCurve 2910al-48G-PoE switches.  Since it had been a while since is setup time on a switch I had to research a bit.  Here are the settings I used. First, you can view the switches current time, timezone, etc. with the show time command. Next go into config mode (configure terminal) […]

Update Windows Path Environment Variable

Today I had to make similar changes to 10 Windows servers.  The changes consisted of copying a couple specialized programs from a source location and updating the Windows path.  I couldn’t remember how to update the Windows path variable from the command prompt (other than for the current command prompt of course) so I tooled […]

Optimizing Images to Save Bandwidth on AWS

Last month our finance guy came to me in a bit of a panic to point out that our Amazon Web Services (AWS) bill was way higher than expected – by several thousand dollars.  After the initial shock wore off I started digging to figure out just what was going on. From Amazon’s bill I […]

Delete Files by Date With DOS Batch File

I have a server that is continuously filling it’s drive with temporary files left over from a video encoding process we use.  Every week or so I have to manually delete the old files to prevent the drive from filling.  Finally today I headed on a journey to figure out a way to programmatically clean […]

ASA 5500 SSL VPN Add Licenses to ASA

I recently had to enable some of my mobile Mac clients with Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client for Mac.  Then, of course since the ASA only included 2 SSL VPN licenses and that’s what the AnyConnect VPN Client uses I had to purchase some additional licenses.  I purchased the licenses through a reseller & a couple […]

Expanding a Virtual Disk on a Dell MD 3000i SAN – How To

If you’re like me you don’t allocate all disks to a SAN out of the gate.  I like to keep a little in reserve so I can add capacity when needed.  Then, once all the disks are added I’ll usually pickup a couple more disks and keep those in reserve.  In either case once it […]