Surviving an(other) AWS Outage – US-West-2 Outage 8/31/2021

I have been running workloads on AWS since 2008, and have experienced a few either AZ or Region-based outages. Although rare various issues can arise which cause one or more services to have an outage, or as AWS typically terms it, “some customers are experiencing increased error rates….” or something like that. The first such, […]

End of an Era – EC2-Classic Retiring

I first tried out EC2 from AWS in late 2008 and wrote this simple post about it. I wrote about (the very few) EC2 instance types in the early days…. How to do things like ping EC2 instances after enabling security group rules using early AWS CLI tools…. Some of the early tools, like Elasticfox […]

Find Last Reboot Time in Windows with PowerShell

A few years back I wrote, “Find Last Reboot Time in Windows 7, Vista and Windows 2008,” where you could find this info via command prompt. This is an update to that for later versions of Windows using PowerShell. This first way will display how long the network service has been running.  Generally this will […]