One Guy, Two Blog Posts

I’m not much into self-aggrandizement, but WTH, here goes.

This evening while watching a disappointing baseball game I wrote a little about what I do at work, which includes overseeing a network of systems that served over 58,000,000 page views yesterday (a new single-day record for us with much more traffic soon…). To load our content on this many pages my systems answered somewhere around 1 billion calls in 24 hours. This is a pretty good overview of what I do while sitting behind a computer all day, and what I’ve been working on for the last four years.

A few of my fellow employees used to work for a quasi-competitor of ours and went to lunch recently with some of their former colleagues who, when they found out our company only has one “IT guy” were amazed. Who is that masked man, anyway….

For those fellow geeks out there this is a little more insight into my world.


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