Amazon Simple Email Service on Windows – How To

Today Amazon announced AWS Simple Email Service (SES) beta.  SES is a great addition to Amazon Web Services, with it an organization can send marketing, transactional, subscription or system notification messages without have to manage their own messaging infrastructure.  And just like all other AWS services it’s pay-as-you-go – even free in some instances. Soon […]

1.78 Million Facebook Users May Die This Year (2011)

Does Facebook really have more than 500 million “active” users? According to data from digital-legacy planning firm Entrustet, a big portion of these users will soon no longer be considered “active,” by any reasonable measure. The company compared Facebook usership data with average death rates from the Center for Disease Control, and discovered that this […]

My Favorite Firefox Add-ons

While there are thousands of Firefox add-ons there are a few I can’t live without; in fact, I install most of these on almost every computer I touch. Video DownloadHelper – DownloadHelper is a tool for web content extraction. Its purpose is to capture video and image files from many sites.  Very useful for downloading videos […]

Install Citrix XenApp 6 Fundamentals Edition for Windows Server 2008 R2

I get this question all the time, sometimes from random people on the street: “Hey, Powercram guy, how do I install XenApp 6 Fundamentals on Windows Server 2008 R2?” Or “What are the prerequisites for XenApp 6 Fundamentals on Windows 2008 R2?” Or this one, “Can I install XenApp 6 Fundamentals on regular Windows 2008 […]

Quest to Remove City ID From Droid X (and other Android phones)

I’m on a quest to remove crapware from my Droid X, and while I haven’t figured it out exactly yet I wanted to post a little more information about programs like City ID. See How To Remove City ID (and other crapware like Blockbuster, Skype and VZ Navigator) From Droid X (and other Android phones) for […]

Android App’s Dirty Little Secret

Not long after Droid X came out last summer I got one, breaking a years-long relationship with Blackberry.  For the most part I’ve been pretty happy (other than a few things about which I’ve written: WTF Verizon?  Droid X Punishment, Android (Droid X) Kills SonicWall TZ210, Things I Hate About My Droid X (Android), Blockbuster Android (cr)App, and Quest to […]

Configuring FTP in Isolation Mode in IIS 6

IIS FTP isolation mode enables you to have a separate directory per FTP user. For example if you had a dozen different users that all need access to your FTP server but you did not want them to see any directories but their own you could setup Isolation Mode. Isolation Mode supports users either on […]