More An(Droid X) Suggestions

Previously I wrote about things I liked, didn’t like and a few suggestions about my Droid X.  Here are some more suggestions – things that would make this pretty great phone that much better.

  • Enable copying phone numbers, email addresses, etc. directly from contact screen.  Currently I have to edit the contact to be able to copy any info from the contact.
  • Preserve position in contact list.  Can’t remember exact circumstances right now but there are some times when if you scroll down to a contact, open it, then go back the list isn’t at the point you were previously, rather it goes back to the top of the list.  UPDATE: I found at least one case where this happens: when in the contacts list from the phone app if you scroll down to a contact, open it, then close it takes you back to the top of the contact list.
  • Under recent calls give me the ability to clear just missed calls, or other.  Currently it’s all or nothing.  Tonight I wanted to clear my recent calls (only) and was forced to clear the whole list, which didn’t make me very happy.
  • In the Android Market give me the ability to flag an app, or add it to a “favorites” list.  Often I find apps which I may not want to install right at the moment, but have no easy way to flag, tag or otherwise remember.
  • Give me more control over the screen lock/unlock.  Namely I want to have maybe a 20-30 minute delay before the screen locks (requiring pattern, pin or password to unlock), but also the ability to manually lock the screen, say with a quick press of the power button.
  • Give me the ability to add third-party app shortcuts to the Messaging folder/app.
  • Front-facing camera.  I know it’ll never happen on my phone, but. . . .

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