Monet Parham Sues “Evil” McDonalds

McDonalds is so evil Monet Parham with the help of The Center for Science in the Public Interest is sueing them, trying to make them stop luring unsuspecting kids with crappy plastic toys or at least make their Happy Meals healthier.  Ms. Parham is so tired of actually parenting and fighting her young daughter to eat something without a sweet toy that she’s trying to compel a judge to force McDonald’s to stop their dirty advertising practices.

Monet, shut the hell up and crawl back in your hole.  Sack up and tell your daughter who is boss.  I have kids myself and while it may be a little annoying when all they want to eat is a crappy meal at McDonald’s I have no problem telling them no.  If they don’t like it, tough.

Another thing Monet, turn off the TV and quit using it as a babysitter for your kid, then she won’t be exposed to the evil empire of McDonald’s.

While I agree that fast food is usually crappy food and the lure of a POS toy can be compelling, and very effective for selling their products to young kids, we need to take care of our selves.  Shut off the TV to keep your kids from seeing the ads in the first place.  Tell your kids no.  Teach your kids that you are boss.  Be a damn parent.  Don’t rely on the courts or government to do that job for you.

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