Droid X Crapware

I’ve written before that I really like my Droid X Android phone, but there are a number of things I don’t particularly like (see Things I Hate About My Droid X), especially the crapware that Motorola and Verizon force down my throat (see Blockbuster Android (cr)App).  While I don’t have to run the (cr)apps (and I WILL NOT use any of them – see list below) I am furious that I cannot remove them.

See How To Remove City ID (and other crapware like Blockbuster, Skype and VZ Navigator) From Droid X (and other Android phones) for detailed instructions.

I purchased this phone with my money, my hard-earned money.  It’s mine.  I should be able to use it any way I wish.  Namely I should be able to uninstall any (cr)app I don’t want.  But for whatever reason Motorola and Verizon have decided I have to have them and cannot remove them without rooting my phone.

I hate purchasing or even working on “consumer” computers because they always have pre-installed applications that are, for the most part, junk.  But the great thing about this crap on computers is that I can either uninstall any or all of these (cr)applications or reinstall the OS, and guess what, they are gone.

But neither is possible on this and many other smart phones.  Why not?  If Microsoft were to bundle this kind of crap with Windows and make it so you couldn’t remove it the FTC would have a tizzy and sue them immediately.  Why does our benevolent government allow companies like Motorola and Verizon to get away with it?

While I’m only one person and probably won’t get very far on my own I’m hoping anyone with a Droid or other device will join in the fight.  I am on a mission to inform others along with fighting with and complaining about this issue.  I’m taking the fight to Motorola, Verizon and the companies whose (cr)apps I cannot remove (like Amazon, Blockbuster and Verizon themselves), and I am filing complaints with the FCC, FTC and any other appropriate governmental agency, and leaving negative feedback for each app in the Android Market.

Droid Crapware
These are the (cr)apps that are frustrating me because I cannot remove them.

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Amazon MP3
  • Backup Assistant
  • Blockbuster
  • City ID
  • Madden NFL 11 (installed compliments of Version.2.3.340)
  • News and Weather
  • Skype mobile
  • VZ Navigator
There are several other apps (3G Mobile Hotspot, My Verizon, YouTube, etc.) that cannot be removed, which for the most part I’m OK, either because I use them or they are benign.  But the list above has my blood boiling.  Mainly they are from other companies and most require subscription services or additional fees to use.  If I had to bet I’d say Motorola and Verizon are getting some kind of renumeration from all these services for purchases where the apps are force installed.
Bottom line: Motorola and Verizon let me uninstall these (cr)apps I don’t want, don’t need and will NEVER use.

Remove Android (cr)apps

Make A Difference
Tell the FCC that Verizon (or AT&T or Sprint or …) is forcefully installing applications with no choice to remove them by filing a complaint with the FCC at esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm. You can also file your complaint with the FCC’s Consumer Center by e-mailing fccinfo@fcc.gov; calling 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) voice or 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322) TTY; or faxing 1-866-418-0232.  I suppose if enough people complain Verizon will stop trying to force this crap down our throats!

See also Quest to Remove Droid Crapware for more info.

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