200 Students Cheat On College Exam

Professor Richard Quinn at the University of Central Florida (UCF), which specializes in stopping cheaters, caught 1/3 of his class – nearly 200 students – cheating on an exam. Quinn dressed-down the whole class and gave an ultimatum for the cheaters to come forward, threatening serious consequences if they didn’t, even expulsion.

During his dressing-down of the class Quinn told them, “I am . . . physically ill. Absolutely disgusted.” Professor Quinn is making all 600 students take the test again, no matter what. I couldn’t agree more with both his comments and actions.

One student who was interviewed, Konstantin Ravvin said, “This is college. Everyone cheats; everyone cheats in life in general. I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in this testing lab who hasn’t cheated on an exam. They are making a witch hunt out of absolutely nothing. As if it were to teach us some kind of moral lesson. WTF, Konstantin? Ravvin’s comments are frightening. Frightening that anyone would think it’s OK, even normal that “everyone” cheats. Which hunt? Absolutely nothing? Ravvin and his ilk scare the hell out of me – that they are potentially going to be future leaders in this country. If that’s the case we are doomed.

Ravvin’s comment saying, “as if it were to teach us some kind of moral lesson,” is exactly the point of what Professor Quinn is doing.

I’m glad this has come to light. I believe it is a rampant problem – not just in schools but in life in general. People need to be accountable and responsible for their own actions, and they need to learn to do their own work, not cheat or rely on others to get through school and especially life.

I applaud Professor Quinn. His actions are heroic. On the other hand Konstantin Ravvin and others like him scare the hell out of me.

7 thoughts on “200 Students Cheat On College Exam

  1. I just saw ABC's news report about this and I would like to make a comment about what Konstantin Ravvin said. My jaw dropped to the ground when I heard his comments. I could not believe what he was saying. "Everyone cheats" and "everyone cheats in life", WTF indeed!!! I would like to see what he says if he had to go into surgery and would be ok with the idea that his surgeon cheated on the medical board exams and took short cuts to get where he/she is now. I hope that when he tries to get a job in the future they do a Google search and find this comment. I promise you he won't get a job!

  2. Comments taken out of context? That's a cop-out! His comments weren't taken out of context. He flat out said "everyone cheats," and "They are making a witch hunt out of absolutely nothing." And, "As if it were to teach us some kind of moral lesson." Nothing was taken out of context.

  3. Anonymous #2 – you're dead on about Ravvin not getting a job – I certainly wouldn't hire him. Talk about Facebook, Twitter, etc. comments haunting you. This comment will haunt this guy for the rest of his life.

  4. Wow a liar and a cheat–teaching Morals is unethical. Look at him– you may work for him some day..or you may hire him. Look out — No morals and no Job. FAIL

  5. Although Konstantin Ravvin seems sincere with his answer that doesn't make up for him being an idiot! I Think professor Quinn is doing the right thing exposing these cheating students and making them pay for it. I hope they learn their lesson. I hope Konstantin gets his due.

  6. I totally agree that Richard Quinn is a hero for doing this. We need more honorable people like this. He's not only teaching these students an important life lesson, but everyone in America (the whole world even) can take an examaple from this. UCF like any college needs to put a stop to rampant cheating. Students need to know they cannot go through life cheating on exams or anything else in life.

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