Mom Cheers on Fight – Bad Parenting or Good?

Maggie Rodriguez spoke with Psychologist Jeff Gardere about a mother’s possible jail sentence for cheering her daughter on in a fight caught on video. What?  The mother might go to jail for supporting her daughter?  That’s ridiculous & a sign of what’s wrong with our society today.

While I don’t encourage fighting and I’ve taught my own kids not to fight – to avoid it if at all possible, I have also told them that if someone else starts a fight they should finish it.  If finishing it means kicking someone’s ass & maybe getting hurt a little as well, so be it.

Depending on the circumstances of the fight I would cheer on my own kid.  As long as the kids are about the same age, size, etc.  If it did get out of hand where either kid was obviously getting hurt or if it was getting out of control I’d stop it.

The fact of the matter is kids are going to fight.  It’s almost a rite of passage for most.  It can be healthy and constructive to get out whatever had festered so bad as to bring it to this conclusion.  Now I’m not condoning fighting, but if it happens I’d let it and I’d certainly cheer on my own kid.

This mother should be applauded for supporting her daughter, not punished.

To all you pacifists and politically correct people: don’t be pussies & don’t make your kids pussies either!

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