Mom Cheers on Fight – Bad Parenting or Good?

Maggie Rodriguez spoke with Psychologist Jeff Gardere about a mother’s possible jail sentence for cheering her daughter on in a fight caught on video. What?  The mother might go to jail for supporting her daughter?  That’s ridiculous & a sign of what’s wrong with our society today. While I don’t encourage fighting and I’ve taught my own […]

GPO Exceptions: Enforcing and Blocking Inheritence

Enforced: The Enforced flag is set on a GPO link using the GPMC. Essentially what is does is say, “If there are any conflicting policy settings on downstream GPOs (GPOs processed after the enforced GPO), those settings will always be overridden”. Essentially how this works is that any GPO links that are marked as Enforced, […]

DNS Hosting – Should I Outsource or Manage In-house?

DNS is one of those things that’s easy to take for granted.  It’s been around a long time (first defined in 1983) and for the most part it just works.  It’s also one of the most important protocols/services used for the Internet and networks in general.  In fact, without it the Internet as we know […]

Map Android Phone In Windows To Access Files Over WiFi Using SwiFTP

If you are a gadget geek at heart and love to do anything that encompasses remotely accessing your device from anywhere, give SwiFTP FTP Server a shot. It is a free open source Android app that lets you remotely connect to your phone over WiFi / 3G to upload and download content. This Android application converts […]

Android (Droid X) Kills SonicWall TZ210

Tonight I discovered that not only can I not connect to the Internet with my sweet Droid X over wifi through my SonicWall TZ210, I can bring said SonicWall to its knees with the Droid. See How To Remove City ID (and other crapware like Blockbuster, Skype and VZ Navigator) From Droid X (and other Android […]