Tail for Windows 7, Vista, 2008, etc.

Tail for Win32 is the Windows version of the UNIX ‘tail -f’ command.


  • Watch multiple files in realtime
  • Detect keyword matches, and highlight occurences
  • Send mail notifications on keyword matches by SMTP or MAPI
  • Plugin architecture allows you to write specialised handlers
  • Can process files of any size on all types of drive (local or networked)

Tail for Win32 can be used to monitor changes to files; displaying the changed lines in realtime. This makes Tail ideal for watching log files.  Tail has a plugin architecture, which allows notifications to occur when certain keywords are detected in monitored files. At the moment a MAPI plugin is available, and work is in progress on an SMTP version.

Download Tail for Win32 at the SourceForge project page.

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