5 Reasons You Should Be Scared of Apple

Robert Evans over at cracked.com wrote this great article about the force known as Apple, led of course by Steve Jobs.  Evans reminds us of their over-the-top quest to keep everything Apple top secret until Mr. Jobs is ready to sit in a comfy chair in his jeans and turtle neck to reveal the next great wonder of the world on their way to world domination.  Don’t believe me?  This is an excerpt from a recent US Patent Office filing from Apple listing none other than Steve Jobs himself:

“Apple can further determine whether a user pays attention to the advertisement. The determination can include performing, while the advertisement is presented, an operation that urges the user to respond; and detecting whether the user responds to the performed operation. If the response is inappropriate or nonexistent, the system will go into lock down mode in some form or other until the user complies. In the case of an iPod, the sound could be disconnected rendering it useless until compliance is met. For the iPhone, no calls will be able to be made or received.”

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