SonicWALL Memory Leak?

My SonicWALL NSA security appliance seems to have a memory leak.  I noticed this a few days ago when I was reviewing long-term usage in my RRDTool (compliments of Cacti) graphs.

The daily and weekly graphs looked normal. . .

I restarted the SonicWALL a couple weeks ago at which time the memory utilization reset and looks like it’s climbing a little since then.

But when I looked at the memory usage for the past nine months or so it was pretty obvious the usage has climbed steadily over that time, resetting twice when it was restarted.

This definitely shows the usefulness of gathering long-term stats.  But I am concerned that the firewall has a memory leak so I’ll have to figure that out.

I took a look at a couple other, older SonicWALL’s which aren’t exhibiting this behavior.

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