February, 2010 - PowerCram Blog

Restarting IIS using the command-line

You can restart IIS and disable Reliable Restart using the command prompt and Iisreset.exe. See the following command-line usage and parameters. iisreset [computername] /RESTART Stop and then restart all Internet services./START  Start all Internet services./STOP Stop all Internet services./REBOOT  Reboot the computer./REBOOTONERROR   Reboot the computer if an error occurs when starting, stopping, or restarting Internet services./NOFORCE Do not […]

SonicWALL Memory Leak?

My SonicWALL NSA security appliance seems to have a memory leak.  I noticed this a few days ago when I was reviewing long-term usage in my RRDTool (compliments of Cacti) graphs. The daily and weekly graphs looked normal. . . I restarted the SonicWALL a couple weeks ago at which time the memory utilization reset and looks like […]

Free Network Monitoring Tools from SolarWinds

SolarWinds Free Network Config Generator – quickly and easily configure VLANs and other advanced network device features without ever opening the CLI! SolarWinds Free TFTP Server – upload and download executable images and configurations to network devices – our most popular free network monitoring tool! WMI Monitor – monitor your Windows® apps and servers in real time, using […]

Cacti Plugins

The advantages of the Cacti are having many plugins that is provided by a wide community of Cactiusers.org. List of Cacti plugins: Boost: To increase Cacti performance Clogs: To add a view tab to view  Cacti log Discovery: auto discovery to detect the SNMP devices on the network with diferent subnet. Docs: To create a document in Cacti […]