Open a Website from the Windows Command Line

Here are three ways to open a web page from the command prompt from Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc. All of the following examples will open the designated web page in Internet Explorer or other default browser.

  • start <website>
    OR start
  • progra~1intern~1iexplore <website>
    OR progra~1intern~1iexplore
  • “program filesinternet exploreriexplore” <website>
    Example (must include quotes):
    "program filesinternet exploreriexplore"
    OR "program filesinternet exploreriexplore"


  • The first example will open the designated site/page in a new tab of Internet Explorer.  The other two will launch a new instance of the browser.
  • In the examples above <website> must either be preceded by “http://” or “www.”

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