Converting Audio Files and Videos Using FFMPEG

ffmpeg can be used to easily convert audio or video files on any OS – Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Common ffmpeg Parameters

  • -i <filename> – PathFilename of source file
  • -y – Overwrite the existing output file without prompting
  • -an – Disable audio

Video Related ffmpeg Parameters

  • -aspect <aspect ratio> – Set Aspect Ratio for the video (4:3, 16:9 or 1.3333, 1.7777)
  • -r <rate> – Set frame rate in Hz for the video
  • -s <size> – Set video resolution size (Width x Height)
  • -sameq – Use same video quality as source

Audio Related ffmpeg Parameters

  • -ar <rate> – Set audio sampling rate (in Hz)
  • -acodec <codec> – Force audio codec, example mp3
  • -vol <volume> – Change audio volume (256=normal)
  • -ab <rate> – Set audio bit rate (in bits/s)

Advanced ffmpeg Parameters

  • -map_meta_data output file:<input file> – Copy the metadata from input file to converted output file

ffmpeg Command Line Syntax

ffmpeg –i <input filename> <output filename>

ffmpeg Video Examples:

  • Converting MOV to FLV using FFMPEG:

    ffmpeg -i movie.flv

  • Converting Mpeg to FLV using FFMPEG:

    ffmpeg -i movie.mpeg movie.flv

  • Converting AVI to FLV using FFMPEG – convert movie.avi to movie.flv and resize the video resolution to 500×500:

    ffmpeg -i movie.avi -s 500×500 movie.flv

  • Converting 3GP to FLV using FFMPEG – convert movie.3gp to movie.flv, keep the original file settings and disable the audio content:

    ffmpeg -i movie.3gp -sameq -an movie.flv

  • Converting MPEG to 3GP using FFMPEG:

    ffmpeg -i movie.mpeg -ab 8.85k -acodec libamr_wb -ac 1 -ar 16000 -vcodec h263 -s qcif movie2.3gp

ffmpeg Audio Examples:

  • Converting aac to mp3 using FFMPEG with MetaData – convert audio.aac to audio.mp3 with an audio rate of 22.05 Khz and audio BitRate of 32Khz, and will copy the metadata from .aac file to .mp3 file:

    ffmpeg -i audio.aac -ar 22050 -ab 32 -map_meta_data audio.mp3:audio.aac audio.mp3

  • Converting WMV to MP3 using FFMPEG

    ffmpeg -i audio.wmv audio.mp3

  • Converting WMV to FLV using FFMPEG – convert audio.wmv to audio.flv, generating only audio content:

    ffmpeg -i audio.wmv audio.flv

  • Converting AMR to MP3 using FFMPEG – convert audio.amr to audio.mp3, with an audio rate of 22.05 Khz:

    ffmpeg -i audio.amr -ar 22050 audio.mp3

  • Converting aac to mp3 using FFMPEG – convert audio.aac to audio.mp3, with an audio rate of 22.05 Khz and audio BitRate or 32Khz:

    ffmpeg -i audio.aac -ar 22050 -ab 32 audio.mp3

Download ffmpeg.exe for Windows (direct link) (8.5MB)


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