Add mobile websites to your iPhone’s home screen

Many websites and services offer great mobile versions without being packaged in an App Store application. If you want to be able to quickly access these sites from your home screen, follow these steps: Launch Safari on your iPhone Browse to a desired mobile site (most sites will automatically redirect you to the mobile version […]

How to Wipe Your iPhone of all Personal Data

Clearing all of the data from your iPhone is simple. Go to Settings Tap on General Scroll all the way down and tap Reset Choose Erase All Content and Settings Enter passcode (if you’re using one) Select Erase iPhone (twice), confirming that you REALLY want to lose everything Make sure you have it plugged in, […]

Disable User Account Control (UAC) on Windows 7 or Vista via Control Panel

This is an easy method that you can use to disable the annoying User Account Control (UAC) from the control panel GUI interface in either Windows 7 or Vista. See enable or disable UAC from the command line to do it from the trusty command line. Note: Disabling UAC will lead to a less secure system, so be […]

Using Remote Desktop for Linux with rdesktop

rdesktop client can be used to connect to Windows Terminal Services for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) from Linux machines. The rdesktop client supports all version of Microsoft Windows including the latest, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 Operating Systems, and it runs on most unix based platforms as well as other ports. Visit for more […]

Disable/Enable User Access Control (UAC) on Windows 7 or Vista from the Command Line

Microsoft introduced User Account Control (UAC) in Windows Vista. UAC enables users to perform common tasks as non-administrators, called standard users in Windows (Vista and Windows 7), and as administrators without having to switch users, log off, or use Run As. A standard user account is synonymous with a user account in Windows XP. User accounts that […]

How to remotely shutdown, restart or logoff a Windows Machine

With these simple commands you can remotely restart, shutdown, log off or even abort a system shutdown on  Local or remote windows machines using Remote Shutdown Tool (shutdown.exe). The Remote Shutdown Tool can be accessed via a GUI or from the command prompt. The Remote Shutdown Tool GUI can be accessed by executing: shutdown.exe /i […]

How to Add Quick Launch to Windows 7 Task Bar

By default Windows 7 does not display quick launch on the taskbar like Windows XP and Vista. How to Enable Quick Launch in Windows 7 Right-click on taskbar. From Toolbars Menu select New Toolbar. Under Folder add: %appdata%MicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick Launch then press Select Folder. How to Unlock the Taskbar Unlock the taskbar by right-clicking on […]

BackTrack 4 PreRelease Hard Disk Install

Since BackTrack 4 Pre-Release does not contain an installer you can follow these steps to install BT4 quickly and easily. The assumption is that you are installing BT4 on an empty disk (/dev/sda in this tutorial). Boot to BT4 DVD (download BackTrack 4 ISO – make sure to get the BT 4 Beta and not the BT4 Pre […]