How to install BT4 dualboot xp on your HDD without vmware or dvd disks

This tutorial is about 1 SATA drive with 2 partitions, the first one has Windows XP

  1. Download BT4 ISO
  2. Download UNetbootin

Launch UNetbootin and choose the ISO path and pick your XP hdd C:

It wont delete your files , it will just add a few BT4 installation files, basically it makes it possible to boot your PC into a live CD without using a disc, and you can safley uninstall it when you enter Windows again

After you install BT4 with UNetbootin you can boot into BT4 easily, youĺl be given the choice of XP or BT4.

While in BackTrack click the file on desktop that says install and follow the prompts.  I formated the second partition with ext2 and 10gb swap.

Once complete reboot, but you won’t be able to boot into BT yet (the one you installed on second partition not the UNetbootin one on XP partition), so boot into the UNetbootin live cd BT and open a terminal and type the following to fix the grub. Note: you can even use a live cd linux for ubuntu if you have one works the same.

sudo grub

find /boot/grub/stage1

— you will get info about where BT is installed something like (hd?,?) mine was (hd1,1)

then type

root (hd1,1)

Reboot and enjoy.

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One thought on “How to install BT4 dualboot xp on your HDD without vmware or dvd disks

  1. i may be missing something, but what is the point of installing bt this way? just to keep from having to burn the live cd? That's the only benefit I see of using unetbootin instead of just burning a disc.

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