Top 50 Text Terms Used in Business

AFAIC As Far As I’m Concerned
ASAP As Soon As Possible
BHAG Big Hairy Audacious Goal
BOHICA Bend Over Here It Comes Again
CLM Career Limiting Move
CYA Cover Your Ass -or- See Ya
DD Due Diligence
DQYDJ Don’t Quit Your Day Job
DRIB Don’t Read If Busy
EOD End Of Day -or- End Of Discussion
EOM End Of Message
EOT End Of Thread (meaning: end of discussion)
ESO Equipment Smarter than Operator
FRED F***ing Ridiculous Electronic Device
FUBAR F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition
FYI For Your Information
GMTA Great Minds Think Alike
HIOOC Help, I’m Out Of Coffee
IAITS It’s All In The Subject
IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer
KISS Keep It Simple Stupid
LOPSOD Long On Promises, Short On Delivery
MOTD Message Of The Day
MTFBWY May The Force Be With You
MYOB Mind Your Own Business
NRN No Reply Necessary
NSFW Not Safe For Work
NWR Not Work Related
OTP On The Phone
P&C Private & Confidential
PDOMA Pulled Directly Out Of My Ass
PEBCAK Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
PITA Pain In The Ass
QQ Quick Question -or- Cry More
RFD Request For Discussion
RFP Request For Proposal
SBUG Small Bald Unaudacious Goal
SME Subject Matter Expert
SNAFU Situation Normal, All F***ed Up
SSDD Same Sh** Different Day
STD Seal The Deal -or- Sexually Transmitted Disease
SWAG Scientific Wild Ass Guess -and- SoftWare And Giveaways
TBA To Be Advised
TBD To Be Determined
TWIMC To Whom It May Concern
TIA Thanks In Advance
WIIFM What’s In It For Me
WOMBAT Waste Of Money, Brains And Time
WTG Way To Go
YW You’re Welcome

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