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DenyHosts: Remove / Delete an IP address

How do I remove my own home IP address from DenyHosts?Simply removing your IP from /etc/hosts.deny does not work since DenyHosts keeps track of the attempts in the /usr/share/denyhosts/data directory. In order to remove your IP address you will need to do the following. Step # 1: Stop DenyHosts # /etc/init.d/denyhosts stop Step # 2: Remove Your IP […]

View EC2 Instances via Command Line Using ec2-describe-instances

Running ec2-describe-instances from the command line where you have AWS developer tools installed will display information about running instances. Example:To view instances simply run ec2-describe-instances To view detailed help information run ec2-describe-instances –help  SYNOPSIS     ec2din (ec2-describe-instances)     ec2din [GENERAL OPTIONS] [INSTANCE [INSTANCE […]]]  GENERAL NOTES     Any command option/parameter may be passed a value of ‘-‘ to indicate     that values […]

Keeping Backtrack up-to-date

Updating & Upgrading Backtrack /usr/bin/apt-get -y update/usr/bin/apt-get -y upgrade To download and install all new updates, run apt­-get dist-­upgrade The first time you run the apt-get update, you may get an error “GPG error : intrpid Release: The following signatures couln’t be verified because the public key…” Quick fix : wget apt-key add public.gpgrm public.gpg Run […]