How to run Bucket Commander: A command line interface for Amazon S3

Bucket commander is a command line tool for Amazon S3.

Bucket Commander needs a configuration file, which can be created using Bucket Explorer’s UI.

Bucket Commander takes three arguments. ” -action ” , ” -authenticate ” and ” -emailprofile ”

“ -emailprofile” is optional argument , you need to specify it only when you have configured the Email profile for getting report of Bucket Commander operations (Upload, Download and Copy) via Email.
Valid values for ” -action ” are:

  • upload
  • download
  • copy

To run Bucket Commander at least one credential should be saved.

In case of Single credential saved the authentication argument is optional.

For ” -authenticate ” specify the nick name that you see in “quick connect” drop down from Bucket Explorer’s UI.
For Bucket Commander to work it needs config folder and .Lic file, i.e. bucketcommander.xml and bucketexplorer.xml . Upload /Download/Copy details are picked from the commander xml and authentication details are picked from bucketexplorer xml.

If BucketCommander.exe runs on different machines then it will not be able to decrypt credentials so it will prompt to update credentials, now you need to update credentials by giving Access Key and Secret Key .

For ” -emailprofile ” specify the profile name that you have saved in Email profile configuration from Bucket Explorer’s UI.

How to send report with Bucket Commander

You can specify more than one Email Profile by comma separator for getting report of Bucket Commander operations via email to each specified profile.
An example of working command looks like:
Command on Windows

Bucketcommander.exe -action:upload/download/copy [-authenticate:nick-name][[-emailprofile:profilename1,profilename2]

Command on Linux -action:upload/download/copy [-authenticate:nick-name][-emailprofile:profilename1,profilename2]

Note: On Linux you can open terminal from Applications->Accessories->Terminal in Finder
Command on Mac OSX

java -jar BucketExplorer.jar -action:upload/download/copy [-authenticate:nick-name][-emailprofile:profilename1,profilename2]

Note: On Mac OSX you can open terminal from Applications->Utilities->Terminal in Finder.

Download bucket explorer for windows, linux and mac osx

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