Upload Photos to Twitter via Flickr Email

How do you share photographs with friends on Twitter?
You probably upload them to an online photo sharing site (like Flickr or Picasa Web Gallery) first and then copy-paste the web address of the uploaded image into your Twitter client. Or you prefer to use Twitter specific services like Twitpic that automatically send a “tweet” on your behalf as soon as the image is uploaded.

If that’s your workflow, consider this. You can now integrate your Flickr account with Twitter such that the combination works just like TwitPic. You upload a picture to your Flickr photo gallery and it will instantly show up in your Twitter stream as in this example.

How to Connect Twitter & Flickr
It’s a simple process. Open this link on Flickr.com and click “Head over to Twitter now” for giving permission to Flickr to post messages on to your Twitter stream. It uses OAuth so you don’t have to share your Twitter password anywhere.

Once your Twitter account is linked with Flickr, you’ll get a slightly complex email address. Now if you like to Twitter a photograph (or a screenshot image), simply compose a new message in your email client, attach the relevant image and send this email to the address provided by Flickr.

The subject line of your email message becomes the title of the photograph on Flickr while the email body becomes the description.

This method of posting images is actually very handy for mobile phone users. Just capture a picture with the built-in camera, send it to Flickr via email and it shows up in your Twitter network as well.

Can I uses Facebook or my own Blog with Flickr
In the above scenario, we used Flickr as the main storage point. However, if you are more active on Facebook or feel like using your own blog to host images, you can do that easily via the awesome Posterous service.

Just associate Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or even your blog with Posterous and now you can publish the same image across any of these sites via a simple email.
For instance, if you need to upload an image to Facebook, send an email to facebook@posterous.com. If you like to upload the same image to Facebook as well as Twitter, address the message to facebook+twitter@posterous.com. It’s that easy.

Flickr or Posterous?
Both Posterous and Flickr are excellent options for uploading images on the web via email but with Posterous, you don’t have to remember any complex email addresses. The other advantage is that Posterous can be integrated with multiple social sites while Flickr works only with Twitter and blogs for the moment.

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