Installing Backtrack 3 to a harddrive

I started with a clean drive, so you might have to manipulate your partition tables. I’m going to assume that you’re comfortable working with partition tables. If not, work on your google-fu. Here are the steps I took to install Backtrack 3 on to my laptop harddrive 1. Boot system from Backtrack 3 CD. 2. […]

Max The Battery Life Of Your New BlackBerry

battery life is known to be excellent on many BlackBerry models. However, other models often have shorter battery life. Try this if you are a new BlackBerry owner. 1. You need to break in the BlackBerry battery. Charge-discharge it fully about 3 times. This will max the battery life of a fresh, new Lithium ion.Note: […]

Run Scheduled Task Batch File to Run Minimized on Task Bar

Problem: Batch file running Perl script to parse and copy SQL log files every five minutes as a Scheduled Task in Windows was creating a DOS window on the console. This made working on the server difficult and dangerous. Solution: Create another batch file for the Scheduler to run with the commands ‘start /min ‘The […]

Mac connect to Windows File Share

By default, Windows 2003 Server domain controllers have “Microsoft network server: Digitally sign communications (always)” set to “Enabled” by default. This is likely causing the Macs to fail to authenticate with the “error = -5000” when trying to connect via CIFS or SMB (samba) To change this on a given domain controller, go to “Start” […]

MySQL Backup Shell Script

***TO CREATE BACKUP SCRIPT ON LOCAL SERVERmkdir /root/binvi /root/bin/ (then copy script into this file)change parameters in script to match databasechmod 755 /root/bin/ ***TO VERIFY SCRIPT WORKS1. run this command/root/bin/mysqlbak.sh2. when script is done, check subdirs of /var/backup/db/daily for tarred & gzipped backups ***TO SCHEDULE THIS TO RUN DAILY, CREATE SYMBOLIC LINKln -s /root/bin/ /etc/cron.daily/ […]

Manually assigning IP Information for a Cisco Catalyst 2960 (or other Cisco Switch)

Step 1 – Enter global configuration mode: configure terminal Step 2 – Enter interface configuration mode, and enter the VLAN to which the IP information is assigned. The range is 1 to 4094. interface vlan <vlan-id> Step 3 – Enter the IP address and subnet mask. ip address <ip-address> <subnet-mask> Step 4 – Return to global configuration mode. exit Step […]

PCI Audit Remediation for TRACE and TRACK issues on apache

PCI Audits often reveal TRACE & TRACK as issues that must be handled before the website can be considered PCI compliant. If you are running apache 2.x, the following directives will disable TRACE & TRACK functionality. This change needs to be made in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf:ServerTokens OSTraceEnable OFF The Mod_rewrite directives below need to be added to […]

ASA 5510 IOS 8.x ASDM firewall dashboard IOS commands

As of 8.x, the ASDM has some excellent features to allow you to track down top talkers and get a better view into your traffic flows, but each of these features (especially the Top 10 Services) uses a good bit of RAM. If you are running a 5510 or smaller, that can cause you to […]