April, 2009 - PowerCram Blog

What is FLV

FLV is a “Flash Live Video” file. It is a format that is designed for web playback, offering high rates of compression. Several products output in FLV format, including Sorenson Squeeze (The term “movie” often refers to common Flash source files (.FLA) and deployed files (.SWF) and is not synonymous with “video”).The Flash Player browser plugin can play […]

Install Backtrack 3 in OSX Paralels

Create a new virtual machine NewSelect an operating system installation mode: Typical > NextOS Type: LinuxOS Version: Other Linux kernel 2.6 > NextSpecify a name for the virtual machine: BackTrack 3 > NextOptimize for better performance of: Virtual machine > NextMore Options > ISO image > Choose > bt3-final.iso > Open > Finish Machine will start to boot.BT3 […]

Forensic Log Parsing with Microsoft’s LogParser

Investigating a web-based intrusion can be a daunting task, especially when you have no information other than knowing it was web-based. It is easy to waste precious time digging through megabytes, perhaps even gigabytes, of log files trying to locate suspicious activity. Often this search turns up little useful evidence. Consider this scenario: an e-commerce site receives several […]