BT4 Install: Simplest way to install BackTrack4

Remote-exploit and BackTrack released the public Beta of BackTrack 4 the second week of February. As soon as this news came out, all sorts of people were on its download spree.  Within 5 days the download count reached 49,000+ for ISO and 17,000+ for the VMWare image.

As BT4 is still in its (pre release) Beta phase a lot of packages are missing, especially VoIP and Services sections. So you will need to manually start and control the services like sshd, vnc etc.  One more prominent change you should note is DHCP configurations and dhcp client (dhcpcd) are deliberately removed from startup script. BackTrack 4 starts in runlevel 2 where networking is disabled.

For BackTrack 4 the team introduced a new shell called “Debian Almquist Shell (Dash)” and /bin/sh is now a symlink to /bin/dash. It looks like “dash” shell does not support most of the semantics of legacy bash shell. As per wikipedia – Dash is a direct descendant of the NetBSD version of the Almquist Shell (ash).

Installing BackTrack needs at least 4 GB of free space on Hard drive. BT4 Beta has foot print of 856 MB without having voip packages. It could easily reach 1 GB mark in the future. So Make sure you have enough hard disk space before starting installation.

Go to the PowerCram HowTo: Backtrack 4 (Pre Release) Hard Drive Installation or BackTrack 4 Beta Hard Disk Install.

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