Windows Diskpart Command

Diskpart is a Recovery Console command used to create or delete partitions on hard drives. Diskpart Command Syntax diskpart /add /add = The /add option will create a new partition on the specified hard drive. diskpart /delete /delete = This option will remove a specified partition on a specified hard drive. Diskpart Command Examples: diskpart […]

Bootcfg Command in Windows 7, Vista, 2008

Bootcfg is a Recovery Console command used to build or modify the boot.ini file. Bootcfg Command Syntax: bootcfg /list /list = This option will list every entry in the boot list in the boot.ini file. bootcfg /scan /scan = Using this option will instruct bootcfg to scan all drives for installations of Windows and then […]

BT4 Install: Simplest way to install BackTrack4

Remote-exploit and BackTrack released the public Beta of BackTrack 4 the second week of February. As soon as this news came out, all sorts of people were on its download spree.  Within 5 days the download count reached 49,000+ for ISO and 17,000+ for the VMWare image. As BT4 is still in its (pre release) […]