Amazon “EC2” Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (also known as “EC2”) allows users to rent computers on which to run their own computer applications. EC2 allows scalable deployment of applications by providing a web service through which a user can boot an Amazon Machine Image to create a virtual machine instance containing any software desired. A user can […]

Recovery Console Commands

A number of commands are available within Recovery Console, some of them exclusive to the tool. Here is a complete list of Recovery Console commands: Attrib – The attrib command is used to change the attributes of a single file or a directory. Batch – The batch command can be used to run a series […]

How to: Change the default contact list that displays in your Outlook address book

From the Tools menu, select Address Book. In the new Address Book window, from the Tools menu, select Options. Under “Show this address list first:”, select the appropriate listing (i.e., Personal Address Book, Global Address Book, or Outlook Address Book). Click OK to save changes and exit.

Windows Cannot Hibernate Computer with More Than 4 GB Memory

A limitation, feature or inconvenience of Windows (XP, Server 2003, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2008) is that it cannot hibernate if it has more than 4 GB of RAM memory.  This is not a bug but by design, as Microsoft disables hibernation support on PC with more than 4GB physical memory because benchmark tests by Microsoft […]

How to create your own YouTube Flash Video Serving site

This post at Daniel’s Random Mutterings explains exactly how to create your own video hosting site allowing users to upload video, automatically convert it to FLV and make it available for anyone to view – all with open source tools. Using a Django CMS system, FFMpeg for the FLV encoding, FLVtools2 for writing meta information, and […]

I Got Bling Bling, You Got Bling Bling, We All Got Bling Bling

Inconspicuous ConsumptionA new theory of the leisure class MISSED SIGNALS: The less money your peer group has, the more bling you buy—and vice-versa. (Photo credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) About seven years ago, University of Chicago economists Kerwin Kofi Charles and Erik Hurst were researching the “wealth gap” between black and white Americans when they noticed […]

Top Windows System Processes

Top Windows System Processes s3hotkey.exe sapisvr.exe savadminservice.exe savedump.exe savroam.exe savscan.exe savservice.exe scan32.exe scandisk.exe scanningprocess.exe scanpst.exe scanregw.exe scardsvr.exe sccertprop schedhlp.exe schedul2.exe scm.exe service.exe services.exe sessmgr.exe seticon.exe setup50.exe sgbhp.exe sgmain.exe shadow.exe shotkey.exe shutdown.exe shwiconem.exe sigverif.exe siteadv.exe skeys.exe skytel.exe slrundll.exe slsvc.exe smagent.exe smax4.exe smlogsvc.exe smss.exe sndmon.exe sndsrvc.exe sndvol32.exe snmp.exe snmptrap.exe soundtrax.exe spamsub.exe spamsubtract.exe spcustom.dll spdwnwxp.exe spmgr.exe spool32.exe spoolss.exe […]

Windows Process Information: systray.exe

Process name: Microsoft System Tray Services systray.exe is a background process which displays information such as date and time. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated. Recommendation systray.exe should not be disabled as it is required for essential applications to function properly. Top Windows system […]