Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Favorite Firefox Add-ons

While there are thousands of Firefox add-ons there are a few I can't live without; in fact, I install most of these on almost every computer I touch.
  • Video DownloadHelper - DownloadHelper is a tool for web content extraction. Its purpose is to capture video and image files from many sites.  Very useful for downloading videos from YouTube or other video sites.
  • Elasticfox Firefox Extension for Amazon EC2 - ElasticFox is a Mozilla Firefox extension for managing your Amazon EC2 account. Launch new instances, mount Elastic Block Storage volumes, map Elastic IP addresses, and more. NOTE: Elasticfox is no longer officially supported by Amazon.  But, thanks to Genki Sugawara Elasticfox-ec2tag lives on and is actively developed.
  • New Tab Homepage - A very simple tabbed browsing extension that loads your homepage when you open a new tab. If you have multiple homepages, the first is chosen.
  • Session Manager - Session Manager saves and restores the state of all windows - either when you want it or automatically at startup and after crashes. It can also automatically save the state of open windows individually.
  • Tree Style Tab - This provides tree-style tab bar, like a folder tree of Windows Explorer. New tabs opened from links (or etc.) are automatically attached to the current tab.
  • Web Developer - The Web Developer extension adds various web developer tools to a browser.
Honorable mentions.  These are other great Firefox add-ons.
  • Firesheep - A Firefox extension that demonstrates HTTP session hijacking attacks.
  • Live HTTP Headers - View HTTP headers of a page and while browsing.
  • MeasureIt - Draw a ruler across any webpage to check the width, height, or alignment of page elements in pixels.
  • Tab Slideshow - Cycles through tabs as a slideshow.
  • Sothink Web Video Downloader for Firefox - A simple, clean and easy-to-use FREE Firefox extension for video download and Flash download. Supports Windows/Mac/Linux operating systems and the latest Mozilla Firefox 3.
  • User Agent Switcher - The User Agent Switcher extension adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of a browser.

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