Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Free Network Monitoring Tools from SolarWinds

  • SolarWinds Free Network Config Generator - quickly and easily configure VLANs and other advanced network device features without ever opening the CLI!
  • SolarWinds Free TFTP Server - upload and download executable images and configurations to network devices - our most popular free network monitoring tool!
  • WMI Monitor - monitor your Windows® apps and servers in real time, using built-in, community-sourced, and customizable application templates!
  • IP Address Tracker - scan, track, and consolidate your IP address information in one easy place, saving you time and eliminating errors (and headaches)!
  • IP SLA Monitor - quickly troubleshoot network slowdowns between sites and easily understand device-to-device performance using sophisticated Cisco® IP SLA operations.
  • Free Kiwi Syslog Server - receive, log, display, and forward syslog messages from network devices with this easy-to-use Syslog Server.
  • Free Kiwi CatTools - simplify daily management tasks with the ability to manage and backup network configurations.
  • VM Monitor - continuously monitor a VMware® ESX Server and its virtual machines with at-a-glance virtualization health statistics.
  • SolarWinds Free Real-time NetFlow Analyzer – capture and analyze up to one hour of NetFlow data to see what types of traffic are on your network, where it’s coming from, & where it’s going.
  • SolarWinds Free Exchange Monitor – continuously monitor Exchange and get real-time insight into services, mail queue sizes, and host server health with this clever desktop dashboard.
  • SolarWinds Free NetFlow Configurator - configure NetFlow v5 via SNMP on supported Cisco® devices - a perfect complement to Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer and our free Real-time NetFlow Analyzer tool!
  • SolarWinds Free Advanced Subnet Calculator - compute addresses for IP subnets - another perennial favorite in our suite of free network monitoring tools!
  • SolarWinds Free Wake-On-LAN - remotely power up network PCs

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